What Sound Do Polar Bears Make?


What Sound Do Polar Bears Make?

What Sound Do Polar Bears Make

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a chat with a polar bear and find out everything there is to know about the species and their lives and habits? Maybe even get a chance to discuss climate change with them, and see how we can help them?

Talking isn’t something that polar bears do often – in fact, they only communicate with each other through sounds or smells when they’re mating or hunting for food. However, there is one sound that they do make on a regular basis – the sound of grunting.

A male will grunt to let a female know that he’s nearby and ready to mate. This grunt is actually pretty loud and can be heard from hundreds of feet away. When she’s ready, the female will respond with another grunt to let the male know she wants him to come over for some mating action.

Polar bears can sometimes be extremely vocal, using their growls and grunts to communicate with each other through the ice in which they live. 

Check out this video which begins with some very cute squealing noises from some baby polar bear cubs and progresses through to some much deeper growling and grunting in the older polar bears.

If only we could understand what polar bears were saying!