Polar Bear Conservation

Polar Bear Conservation

Polar Bear Anatomy

Polar bears are considered a threatened species as their population numbers are decreasing. Their current situation is causing great concern to WWF who consider the conservation of polar bears and their habitats an urgent matter.

There are two major reasons for the dwindling numbers of polar bears and both are because of humans – hunting and global warming. While outlawed in the USA, polar bear hunting is still legal in Canada where they are hunted for their meat and their beautiful, furry white pelts.

The Canadian government maintains that the polar bears are hunted sustainably. Sometimes guidelines/restrictions apply as to the ratio of males to females allowed to be killed and annual hunting quotas are applied.

Many would argue that this is not good enough. While the hunting of polar bears may be abhorrent to some, there is no doubt that the biggest danger to the polar bear population right now is climate change or global warming.

Polar Bears and Global Warming

One of the many victims of climate change and global warming is, without a doubt, the polar bear.

The damage to the natural habitat of polar bears due to global warming has been large.

When you consider we are talking about an animal that lives in the Arctic, where, thanks to global warming, temperatures are increasing, it is not surprising that polar bears are being impacted hugely by this crisis.

So, how does global warming affect the polar bears?

Polar bears spend a lot of their time floating on sheets of sea ice. This is one of their favorite ways to hunt for seals (their favorite food).

Global warming has meant that these sheets of ice are now melting earlier giving the polar bears less time to hunt.

When they are not able to hunt for enough food polar bears may have great difficulty in building up the fat supplies required to see them through long periods when they are unable to hunt.

Polar Bears and Global Warming
How does global warming affect the polar bears?

What Can We Do To Help Save The Polar Bears?

It’s all very well to talk about how climate change is impacting the polar bears but, what can we, as individuals, do to help save them?  It’s not like we can push a button and stop climate change in its tracks!

Sometimes it’s hard to feel as though we can make a difference to matters of such a global scale but, if you really want to help, there are some simple, practical steps you can take to not only help the polar bears but also try to reduce global warming.

The only way to reduce global warming is to reduce excessive emission of polluting gases from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

I know what you’re thinking – I, personally, don’t burn excessive amounts of coal and oil so how can I stop it?

We can all make some simple lifestyle changes which will cumulatively help to reduce the overall impact – here are some easy, practical things you can do:

  • Walk rather than drive (bonus – it’ll keep you fitter too!)
  • Consider purchasing an electric car
  • Install energy-efficient light bulbs in your home.
  • If you live in a house, you might be able to get solar panels installed on the roof
  • Recycle and avoid products with excessive packaging.
  • Conserve energy – turn off lights when you leave the room, switch off appliances when not in use.
  • Vote for politicians prepared to take action on climate change.
  • Spread the word to family and friends about ways they can help too – remember, it’s a cumulative effect – we need as many people as possible to take action.
  • Become a Polar Bear ambassador and join the “Save Our Sea Ice” campaign at Polar Bears International.
  • Be an activist and an advocate for Polar Bears – someone needs to stand up for them. Grab a “Save The Polar Bears” t-shirt here and show the world you care!
Save The Polar Bears T-Shirt
Save The Polar Bears Cute T-Shirt

Future of Polar Bears

The future of polar bears is uncertain due to global warming and the damage to their natural habitat.

It’s going to be a long, slow journey, but now we know that there are simple things we can do to help – take action today and help save the polar bears!

Polar Bear Conservation Index

  • Future of Polar Bears
    Polar bear future is uncertain due the global warming and the damage to their natural habitat.
  • Polar Bears Endangered
    There were no restrictions for hunting polar bears for a long time which caused a great drop in the number of polar bears available.
  • Polar Bears and Global Warming
    One of the victims of global warming is definitively the polar bear. The damage to the natural habitat of polar bears due to global warming has been large.
  • Polar Bears and Conservation Efforts
    Polar bears are in a vulnerable situation, for the ravages of global warming and human activities threaten its existence. However, environmental organizations are endeavoring to solve the problems through their conservation plans.