Where To See Polar Bears In Captivity

Where To See Polar Bears In Captivity

Polar Bear Zoo

If you’re keen to check out a polar bear up close, but don’t want to make the journey to the Arctic Circle, there are plenty of zoos and/or aquatic/SeaWorld centers and theme parks around the world where you can view these magnificent creatures.

We’ve made our list as comprehensive and current as possible but bear (pun intended!) in mind that exhibits can change so some zoos listed below may no longer have polar bears on display.

Polar Bears In Captivity

Of course the issue of whether or not polar bears should be kept in captivity at all is a contentious one. They are wild animals after all, what right do we, as humans, have to capture and restrain them from living in their natural habitat?

Of course, the same could be said for all animals in zoos. It’s an issue you’ll have to decide for yourself whether you are comfortable attending and supporting such organizations. Many vegans and animal activists stand against the idea of keeping animals captive.

On the flip side, some would argue that with dwindling numbers in the wild, a breeding program within a zoo, where the animals always have enough to eat and will no longer be prey to any animals (or hunters) is a valid proposition.

And, if it’s easy for humans to go and see real life polar bears, more people will likely become interested in them and be encoraged to start doing more to try and save them.

Polar Bear Up Close
Polar Bears in Captivity

In researching this list of zoos which currently have polar bears in captivity, we discovered a massive variety in the ways the animals are cared for and displayed.

Some are catered for in every way possible with beautiful enclosures, while some appeared to be literally caged animals – something you may want to consider before choosing to visit a zoo.

We have included websites for zoos (where we could find them) so you can investigate your local zoo before deciding if you want to visit.

Where Can I See a Polar Bear

List of Zoos That Currently Exhibit Polar Bears

Please note: We would advise you to check that the zoo you plan to attend still has a polar bear exhibit.

Zoos change their exhibits from time to time and we wouldn’t want you to attend specifically to see polar bears and then be disappointed. It’s always a good idea to check first.




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