A New Picture Book About A Polar Bear


A New Picture Book About A Polar Bear

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There are definitely some perks to running a website, and one of these is getting to review anything relating to polar bears!

The team at Polar Bear World were lucky enough to recently be given the opportunity to review a new children’s picture book all about, you guessed it, a polar bear!

Are You A Polar Bear? was written by Andrew Gabriel, Illustrated by Catherine Suvorova and YipJar Design, and published by Storybook Genius LLC.

Here’s what we wrote about it in our review:

Books About Polar Bears

What a joy it was to read Are You A Polar Bear? by Andrew Gabriel. The story follows the adventures of an adorable polar bear cub who is looking for his mom.

While the storyline is simple, the story of a young polar bear cub who can’t find his mother is sure to resonate with toddlers and young children.

Seemingly undaunted by the fact that he is all alone and doesn’t even know what a polar bear looks like, this brave little polar bear sets out all by himself to try to find his mother.

While he searches for her, we’re introduced to all sorts of arctic animals and learn something about each one.

The illustrations are beautiful and clearly help us to identify the differences between each animal and a polar bear.

We’d highly recommend this book. All children should enjoy the story and, if they happen to develop a love and interest in polar bears and other arctic animals, that would be even better!

This book would make the perfect gift for any young polar bear lovers, grab yourselves a copy today and keep spreading the word about just how amazing these arctic animals are!

It is available on Amazon, the publisher’s website, and several other online retail outlets that are all listed here.