Polar Bear Gifts


Polar Bear Gifts

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Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas or just because, if you have someone special in your life who loves polar bears, you’re going to want to surprise them with one of these amazing polar bear gifts!

We’ve done the hard work for you and sifted through all the polar bear products out there to come up with this list of gifts for polar bear lovers.

We’ve found polar bear toys, books and costumes for kids, but don’t worry if it’s not a young person you’re buying for, we’ve found plenty of gifts for the more mature polar bear fans among us too!

Polar Bear Gift Ideas For Kids

Polar Bear Stuffed Animal

Find a polar bear lover who wouldn’t want their very own stuffed polar bear to love and cuddle. There’s a huge range of polar bear plush toys available but here are a few of our favorites:

Polar Bear Soft Toy

This Gund polar bear comes with a polar bear cub too – so cute!

Polar Bear Plush Toy

The Aurora World Destination Nation polar bear is a very handsome fellow.

Polar Bear Plush Ice Bear

If they’re a fan of the TV show “We Bare Bears“, they might like this standing Ice Bear from Gund.

Polar Bear Cuddly Toy

Snuffles” by Gund is absolutely adorable.

Giant Polar Bear Teddy

But, if it’s a giant polar bear stuffed animal that you’re after, look no further than this giant polar bear teddy by Melissa and Doug.  Not quite life-size but large enough for some serious cuddling!

But, if it’s not a polar bear plush toy you’re after, read on as there are plenty more polar bear gift ideas for kids to come!

Polar Bear Costume

If you’re trying to create your very own polar bear, you’ll need a polar bear costume!

Perfect for fancy dress parties, book week parades and Halloween, if you’ve got a polar bear lover in your life, they’re going to love dressing up as a polar bear!

Cute Polar Bear Costume

For the cutest little polar bear in town, you can’t go past this adorable costume from Underwraps.

Polar Bear Head Costume

Perfect for toddlers, if you need something bigger try this wearable blanket from Fin Fun.

Adult Polar Bear Costume

Or, for the big kids amongst us, this adult size Kigurumi looks amazing.

If you want to create your own polar bear costume you might need the help of some of these:

Polar Bear Mask

Polar Bear Mask

A Polar Bear Mask or head costume like this one from CY Toys.

Polar Bear Ears

Some Polar Bear Ears like these cute little clip ons by Pawstar.

Polar Bear Feet

Polar Bear Clothing

And these Polar Bear Feet by Ibeauty which are great because you don’t only get to use them for your costume, they can also be used as slippers!

Polar Bear Toy Figurines

Polar Bear Figurine

You can’t go past Schleich for their figurine toys and this polar bear is no exception with a life-like, solid construction, it’s a great addition to any toy box or playroom.

Polar Bear Toy Figures

And don’t forget the polar bear cub figurine from Schleich too!

Hours of playtime fun!

Polar Bear Pajamas

Polar Bear Pyjamas

Get the whole family excited about polar bears with these cute polar bear PJs by JumpOff Jo – perfect for hibernating this winter!

And, for more bedtime fun, how about some…

Polar Bear Flannel Sheets

Polar Bear Flannel Sheets

Like this gorgeous set by Home Fashion Designs – snuggly, warm and cute too!

And to complement your polar bear themed bedroom, how about a…

Polar Bear Pillow

Polar Bear Pillow

We just love this sleepy polar bear pillow by Tagln.

If it’s a bedtime story you’re after, then you’re going to need a…

Polar Bear Book

There are plenty of great children’s books featuring polar bears – here’s a couple of our favorites.

For carrying around school books, lunches and maybe toy polar bears, how about a…

Polar Bear Backpack

Plenty to choose from, there’s this one from Give Me Bag with a real photo of polar bears:

Polar Bear Backpack

Or one like this one from Giovanior, with more of a cartoon style polar bear image:

Or, you could go for the super cute style of a polar bear shaped backpack like this one from Unipak:

Polar Bear Bath Toy

If it’s a young child or infant you’re buying for, there are some very cute bath toys available to make bath time so much fun. Check out these cute bath toy polar bears.

Polar Bear Bath Toy

This adorable polar bear from Munchkin can be used as a stacking toy or ring toss game, or just play with him because he’s cute and he’s a polar bear!

Polar Bear Toys For The Bath

These cute “bath bobbers” from Munchkin come in a set of two – one polar bear, one penguin.

Have fun playing with them for now, and learn about where they might be geographically located as your child gets older – maybe you can make a North Pole and a South Pole in your bathtub for the animals to live!

Adopt A Polar Bear

If you’re really stuck for ideas, especially for the child who already has all the polar bear merchandise you can think of, consider adopting a polar bear for them.

Any person who loves polar bears would be proud to know that their adoption money has gone to a good cause.

Polar Bear Gift Ideas For Adults

If your polar bear lover is maturing in years and therefore probably not interested in receiving polar bear toys, we have a great list of other polar bear themed gifts for you to consider.

Polar bear blanket

There’s something about all that ice and snow of the polar bear’s natural habitat that just makes you feel like curling up and keeping snug and warm under a cozy polar bear blanket!

We love this one from Great Bay Home for its festive feeling polar bears:

Polar Bear Blanket

Or this one from KUOAICY with its digital image of a polar bear:

Or there is this one from Royal Plush which showcases polar bears and the Northern lights:

Polar Bear Merchandise

Polar Bear Clothing

Whether it’s a gift for men or women, it’s hard to go past clothing as a good option for that special polar bear lover in your life.

There are so many options for polar bear merch from t-shirts and shirts to socks and hoodies, here are a few of our favs:

Polar Bear T Shirt

Polar Bear Shirt

Ask me about my polar bear” is a really fun design by Crazy Dog T Shirts.

Save The Polar Bears Tshirt

Or show the world you love Polar Bears by wearing this “save the polar bears” T-shirt.

Polar Bear Socks

If you need something a little more subtle than a t-shirt, how about some polar bear socks? There are some super cute socks available, check out these ideas:

We love the Cute 3D Cartoon design of these socks by Benefeet Sox:

Or there’s these cuties from Imagery Socks:

Or, you could go for long socks like these from Socksmith:

Polar Bear Accessories

Polar Bear Hoodie

Polar Bear Merch

If you know a Coca Cola fan who also happens to like polar bears then this hoodie by Fifth Sun is for you.

Or teach the world about Global Warming with this Not Cool With Global Warming hoodie.

Polar Bear Necklace

A polar bear necklace is sure to be a hit with any jewelry loving polar bear fan.

Polar Bear Necklace

We like this one by Emerald Park Jewelry

Polar Bear Jewelry

and this one by Barch Young.

Polar Bear Mug

Tea and coffee lovers amongst us know the importance of having a favorite mug and, for a polar bear fan, what could be better than your very own polar bear mug?

We love this glass mug by Fecihor that makes it look like the polar bear is swimming in your drink – fun for all the family!

Polar Bear Mug

This color-changing mug by Think Pray Gift is pretty cool too.

Polar Bear Collectibles Gifts

Or, you could go for a classic like this one by MUGBREW:

Other Random Polar Bear Products

We’ve covered polar bear themed gift ideas pretty thoroughly but there are a few other random ideas we need to mention.
Maybe a polar bear candle? Polar bear calendar? Or a polar bear Christmas tree ornament?

Just when you thought your polar bear loving friend had everything, along came the polar bear outlet plug cover! Don’t settle for plain outlet covers when you could have polar bears on them!

There are so many polar bear products out there to discover – you just need to start looking, and remember, if you don’t know what else to do, you can always adopt a polar bear!

Hopefully this list of polar bear merchandise has given you plenty of ideas for potential gifts or presents to buy for the polar bear lover in your life.

For more great gift ideas for everything from gifts for cat lovers to gifts for entrepreneurs, check out all the gift giving guides at GoodGiftsGuide.com.