Polar bear with her cub

Polar Bear Communication

Polar Bear Communication. There is not very much communication among polar bears as they live alone most of the time, however communication is produced during mating.

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Polar Bear Anatomy

Polar Bear Evolution

There are great differences between polar bears and other bear species. While it is believed that the brown bear is the closest relative, evolution created a large number of adaptations which make them very different.

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Polar Bear Predators

Polar Bear Enemies Since Polar Bears find themselves at the very top of the food chain out there, they don’t have many natural predators at all. Ironically, the only one they have to fear in their natural environment is their own kind.

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International Polar Bear Day

Polar Bear Research

Polar Bear Research. Polar bear research has been conducted for years, although latest technology has greatly helped research by tracking polar bears through satellites and gps.

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