Future of Polar Bears

Future of Polar Bears

Polar Bears and Global Warming

The Future of Polar Bears

Unless we make adequate changes now, the future isn’t one that Polar Bears will be a part of. Experts claim that in less than 100 years they will be completely gone if the temperatures continue to rise due to global warming.

This information may alarm you because most people assume with Polar Bears being at the top of the food chain with no real predators except man that they would continue their existence for many centuries into the future.

It is believed that approximately 30% of the population will be gone within the next 45 years. This means there will be less Polar Bears out there for reproduction. Since they only give birth approximately once every three to four years, getting efforts in place for them to safely reproduce is important.

The mortality rate is 40% that cubs won’t reach their first year mark alive. By ensuring that they can survive though we have a chance to see an increase instead of a decrease in their numbers over that span of time.

There will be too many seals out there as well if Polar Bears drop in numbers. This is their primary food source. If the Polar Bears are going to continue being able to live in the Arctic region then their natural habitat needs to be preserved.

If the layers of ice continue to melt though it is going to create a very hard lifestyle for these animals to take part in. They may be able to adapt to some changes, but too many of them is going to create stress.

There needs to be limited restrictions for Polar Bear hunting as well. Right now it continues to be legal in some areas. The penalties for breaking those laws need to be very tough.

A fine isn’t going to put a dent in the bank account of many people that hunt for them. Instead they should get jail time which no one wants to end up with.

If it is also illegal to transport the bodies of Polar Bears or any part of them, people will be less likely to hunt for them. This is because it will be too much of a risk for them to sell any of these parts of the Polar Bears.

By taking early action now based on the scientific evidence, more can be done to save the Polar Bears. That is why the various efforts to protect them aren’t based on the number of them left but instead based upon their chances of survival with environmental changes.

It is possible though for there to be a bright future for Polar Bears. However, for this to occur efforts need to be put into action right now. There are quite a few organizations out there that promote conservation efforts for these animals.

It may not seem like too much is going on when you scratch the surface, but as you dig deeper into these organizations you will find most of them have plans in place with goals they want to see accomplished in five years or less.

You can be a part of them by exploring their information online. Find out what their plans are and what steps you can take to be a part of it. Each person out there has the chance to make a difference in our environment.

By doing your share, you can make it possible for Polar Bears to continue walking the Earth rather than becoming extinct. Should our Polar Bears become extinct the entire balance of the food chain will be altered. That can have a profound effect on humans as well.