Adopt A Polar Bear

Adopt A Polar Bear

If you’re a polar bear lover, the idea of adopting a polar bear could seem very appealing. Who wouldn’t want to love and take care of their very own polar bear? So, how do you adopt a polar bear? Before you start designing a special room full of ice and snow, or catching some seals to feed to your new polar bear, you probably need to know that you can’t actually adopt a real polar bear (sigh!). As much as we might like the idea of having a cute polar bear to cuddle and play with, polar bears and humans are not a safe, or practical, mix!

How To Adopt A Polar Bear

How To Adopt a Polar BearTo truly adopt an animal you would expect to be able to take it into your care and be responsible for its daily care and needs. You would play with it, care for it, feed it and cover any expenses related to its well being. But, polar bears are wild animals. They want to live in the wild and fend for themselves.

We know that polar bears still need us to care about them, even if we can’t play with them and feed them so, how do we take on responsibility for these fascinating creatures? This is where amazing organizations such as WWF come in to save the day. The World Wild Fund (previously known as World Wildlife Fund) acts as a bridge between us humans and the wildlife we’d like to help save. The WWF know that we can’t actually adopt a polar bear but they also know that people like the idea of feeling that they are contributing to the health and well being of polar bears which is why they created the WWF Adopt A Polar Bear Program.

Sponsor A Polar Bear

Sponsor a Polar BearYour adoption through organizations such as WWF is really more like a sponsorship. You’re paying the organization money to help the polar bears (or other animals). They dress up the deal a bit to really make it feel like you’re making a difference and adopting a polar bear. There are different types or levels of sponsorship or adoption to choose from. Some include a plush animal and an adoption certificate which would make a lovely gift for a child. They get a soft toy polar bear to love and cuddle and they get to learn more about polar bears and feel as though they are helping them to survive.

Sponsoring or adopting a polar bear this way is a win-win for everyone. You get a plush polar bear and that warm, fuzzy glow that you’ve done something good for the world while WWF gets some much-needed funds to help endangered wildlife.
You can upscale to a Giant Plush Polar Bear Adoption Kit to get, as the name sounds, a giant plush polar bear or, you can maximize the funds from your adoption fee by choosing a Polar Bear Virtual Adoption. For this type of adoption, you or your recipient will not receive an adoption kit as all of the money you donated will be put to good use, but you will get an acknowledgment letter and the warm, fuzzy glow that comes with it!

So, How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Polar Bear?

At the time of writing this article, there are Polar Bear Adoption Kits available from as little as $25! Imagine that – you could be helping WWF to help our polar bears for just $25! That’s got to be worth considering.

Adoption kits vary in price from $25 right up to $250 – there’s a level to suit everyone. If you ask us, the $55 polar bear adoption kits look to be a very good value for money as you or your recipient get a 12” soft polar bear, a photo, an adoption certificate, a species card and a gift bag, and you’re helping out our beloved polar bears. Pretty good deal, right? Wouldn’t that make a fantastic birthday gift for the child who already has everything? Cute, cuddly, fun and educational and you’re helping out WWF! It’s a great idea.

What are you waiting for, choose your polar bear adoption gift pack and adopt a polar bear today!