Polar Bear Cupcakes


Polar Bear Cupcakes

Polar Bear Cupcakes

You might be wondering why we’re discussing cupcakes on a website about polar bears – we’re not a baking blog after all!

But we’ve been impressed and inspired by some polar bear themed treats that some amazing bloggers have been putting out there, so we thought we’d do a bit of a round up of the best polar bear cupcakes around.

Afterall, anything that draws attention to these magnificent creatures is a win in our book so, if you’re looking for some inspiration for polar bear cupcakes for your next party or event, look no further than these great ideas we’ve collected together for you here:

polar bear cupcakes

Winning the award for the cutest polar bear cupcakes are these gorgeous cupcakes from Tesco Real Food.

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids? You could try making these adorable polar bear cupcakes from Kidspot.

These ones look a little bit trickier, but they’re also adorable and sweet. Give them a try at Chelsweets.

Make use of some marshmallows in these cute little polar bear cupcakes by Wilton.

Meanwhile these polar bear cupcakes from Woman’s World also allow for making some polar bear paw cupcakes so you can make a mixture of different treats.   

If it’s just polar bear paw cupcakes that you’re after, then you’ll want to check out this recipe from delish.

If you need a vegan polar bear cupcake recipe, or are just looking to try something a little different, these polar bear cupcakes by ‘The Little Blog Of Vegan’ are adorable! 

Another fun recipe to try with the kids is this one for Polar Bear Cupcakes by My Kitchen Drawer.

These cute polar bear cupcakes from Moore Or Less Cooking have a bit of a blue theme going on, as though the polar bear has got a cold nose!

Meanwhile these polar bears from Good To Know are wearing a scarf to keep them warm!

Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons also has some very cute polar bear paw cupcakes

While we just love the little pink tongue sticking out in these polar bear cupcakes by Foostirs

So now there’s no excuses. Whatever your next party or event is, make sure you bake some adorable polar bear cupcakes.

When people eat your perfect polar bear treats it’s a great opportunity for you to open their eyes to the conservation efforts we all need to help with to keep the polar bears alive and living their best lives.

How could they resist helping when they admire the gorgeous little polar bear faces or polar bear paw cupcakes that you have lovingly baked for them?!

So check out some or all of the recipes linked above and start baking! Send us your pictures and we’d be happy to publish them here!

Happy Polar Bear Cupcake baking!