how far can polar bears smell

How Far Can Polar Bears Smell?

Polar bears are fascinating animals and the largest bear species on Earth. They live in an incredibly harsh environment, and to navigate their environment, they’ve had to develop many specialized skills. 

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polar bear sleeping

Polar Bear Sleeping

Have you ever wondered how a polar bear sleeps? Do they snuggle up together to keep warm? Or do they just sleep by themselves whenever the opportunity arises? In this article, we’ll explore everythin…

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What Do Polar Bears Eat

What Do Polar Bears Eat?

They live in a vast, seemingly barren land of ice, water and snow. There’s not much out there in the arctic that looks as though it would make a good source of food for polar bears. So…

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polar bear cleaning

Polar Bear Cleaning

Polar bears have a furry white coat that requires constant attention to keep it clean and healthy. To do this, polar bears employ a variety of strategies that may vary depending…

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What Sound Do Polar Bears Make

What Sound Do Polar Bears Make?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a chat with a polar bear and find out everything there is to know about the species and their lives and habits? Maybe even get a chance to discuss climate change with them, and see how we can help them?

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